Bellevue travel oasis, Bellevue, Il.

20130321-103141.jpgI’m at the Bellevue Travel Plaza in Illinoise. This is travel plaza is of great historical importance to me as my ancestors stopped here in 1865, en route to North Dakota. This is where they ordered a pumpkin spice latte, got a SOY pumpkin spice latte and couldn’t tell the difference. Causing my great, great, great Grandfather Blrhgorph(it’s Norwegian) to proclaim what would become his most famous saying “No shit,huh?”

20130321-103638.jpgin the old days, coin operated message chairs would also give “a happy ending.” this practice was ended in 1918 after an outcry by towns people who had grown wearing of getting their penises ripped off.
More travel tails later. Have a nice day


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