More people in Britain believe in Aliens than God…

1. Let’s meet in the middle and agree that Chewbacca is god

2. British people really, really, really took Alf to heart. 

3. I bet Ricki Gervaise read that and got just a little hard. 

4. I bet a lot of British Ministers are going to start saying “Frack” to appeal to a more sci fi based flock. 

5. They need to say which “Aliens” and which “God”. Because “I think that it is irrational to believe that in the vastness of the universe, The Earth is the place where everything came together to make life, I don’t believe there is an old guy with a beard, sitting on a cloud, helping my team win the super bowl.” is just as sane as “There is no Ork, nor is there a guy named Mork, however, the perfection of existaece and the sheer unlikely hood of it happening at all leads me to believe that there is something larger than me, I have not put perimeters on it, as I do not yet understand the entirety of existence.” Maybe this is just a story planted by Scientologists so they can be like “We have aliens and god, how about a stress test?”   

6. Etc. 


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