Bit’s I Don’t Do Any More.

It used to be a much harder process to put out a CD, from the technical side. (There are people that raise CD production to the level of art, I mean no disrespect, I did not attempt to shop this album to a label because I can’t imagine anyone but me going ‘I think we should put out a cd of comedy that covers a long time period and a variety of topics, that has inconsistent sound quality, by an unknown artist’). As an artist, recording, mixing, releasing and distributing your material was really hard and expensive and intimidating. That is not as true now as it was in the past. These bits where recorded before I had the technology to put together an album. They are not part of one show, they are not from one time period. The sound goes from very good to you can hear it, but it’s certainly not perfect. Some of the bits on this cd I could today and no one would know the difference, I’ve just stopped doing them because I rotated in new material. Some of the bits on here deal with political situations that no longer exist or cultural references (tv shows, movies) that seem dated. Even so, I think it’s a funny album. If some people find it and like it, then it’s worth it. Plus these bits aren’t doing anybody any good sitting on my computer, so they might as well be out in the ether where someone might enjoy them. Thanks for your time. Buy my record.

Spencer Dobson: Bits I Don

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